Divorce in University City, Missouri

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Divorce in University City, Missouri

Divorce in University City, MissouriThere’s nothing easy about getting divorced because it means a dramatic change in your life and family unit. No matter what the reason for the divorce, whether it is infidelity, irreconcilable differences, or the realization that it is an unhealthy relationship, it is a life-altering experience because it is about two people deciding to separate their lives—some of which have been together for multiple decades.

Because this is often such a huge step, I understand the incredible amount of emotion involved for all parties involved when you are considering or filing divorce. As a divorce lawyer, I’ve seen what happens during divorces and know the overwhelming feeling that comes from such a dramatic change. Whether you live in a big city or a suburban community like, University City, MO, there are many factors to consider and level-headed decisions to be made in the midst of all this emotion.

High Emotions and Unique Situations

While you may have family and friends that want to offer their support and opinions, they can also be emotional and not have all the facts to help you get through divorce proceedings. That’s why it helps to have a divorce lawyer in University City that not only knows all the ins and outs of Missouri divorce law, but they can also be sympathetic, compassionate, and supportive during this very difficult time.

Life is complex and it can be messy, so while that makes it interesting but, in the case of divorce, it also presents some unique and challenging situations. While some divorces can be very amenable and quickly settled, others are combative and heated, leading to a lengthy legal process.

Sometimes divorces only involve two people, but most of the time there are children, pets, and assets that must all be addressed. This makes every divorce in Missouri unique and requires a divorce attorney who recognizes and listens to you rather than to supply you with a packaged divorce service.

As a family law attorney, I understand that you have questions, concerns, and worries that go beyond just the legal aspects of dissolving your marriage. A divorce involves some critical decisions that can impact you and your family members for life, so while it needs to be done quickly and cost-effectively, a divorce also has to be done right and in the best interests of all those involved.

At Bardol Law Firm, LLC, our St. Louis office serves people just like you in University City who are at a crossroads in their life and struggling to know how to approach divorce in a way that minimizes the pain while ensuring it is fair and over as soon as possible. Our legal team has helped numerous people get through it and come out the other end of divorce as well as can be expected for such an emotional experience. It’s our responsibility to make sure you know your options and are guided toward and through the one that works the best for your situation.

Divorce Options and Factors to Consider in University City, Missouri

To help you start thinking about the options and factors you will need to consider, here is where we can guide you through the process with experience, candor, and an ideal strategy for your situation.

You may have the good fortune of an uncontested divorce, which means you and your future ex-spouse are willing to agree or compromise, leading to a quicker divorce with one lawyer and lower fees. However, many divorces are contested because of the number of areas to address, including children and property, and the fact that people are angry and hurt. This leads to disagreement or a lack of compromise about how time with the kids and assets should be divided because one person may want to hurt the other one or does not want to share. The result is a longer divorce process and more lawyers, which leads to greater expense.

As your divorce attorney, my job is to help you minimize the fights and negotiations and reach as quick a settlement as possible. While the circumstances may mean some divorces take longer than others, our legal team is committed to seeing it through with you.

While it may seem overwhelming, there are many decisions that have to be made when it comes to divorce. While you do not need all the answers before you come to our St. Louis office—because we want to provide the correct information for you that can lead you to the answers—it is still important to think about these ahead of time, despite the emotions involved.

Questions and Concerns in the Divorce Arena

Whether it is contested or uncontested, you are now faced with an opponent and must develop the right strategy that helps you move forward in life while minimizing the pain. Before entering the divorce arena, our advice to you is to ask yourself some questions and clarify your concerns.

First, you want to consider your financial situation in terms of how you will support yourself after the divorce and how your existing assets can be protected. Second, you must decide where you may live and if you would like to move out of state, especially if there are children involved. Third, you want to decide how to divide marital property and assets. Then, if you own a business together, there are decisions to be made in terms of how the business will continue from an operational and ownership perspective.

If you have children or pets, there are decisions about custody, holidays, and how time and care for them will be divided. When it comes to the legal aspects of these decisions, our team has the knowledge and experience with Missouri divorce law to steer you in the right direction and provide some reassurance in the form of concrete answers. These answers provide guidance on custody and visitation rights, child support, property division, business ownership, and alimony and spousal support.

Support in the Divorce Process

To Bardol Law Firm, LLC in St. Louis, MO, support during your divorce process means consideration, care, and listening, but it also involves deep legal knowledge, seasoned experience in the courtroom, and an aggressive strategy that ensures your rights are always at the forefront of what we do.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation so we can learn more about you and your unique situation and then provide expert guidance on how to complete your divorce in a swift, effective way.