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While many strive to keep family law matters private, everyone needs a helping hand at times, especially when it comes to divorce, adoption, and domestic violence. Anxiety, fear, and tension; all family law issues involve these emotions, not to mention complicated paperwork.

At Bardol Law Firm, LLC, we are dedicated to helping individuals through these stressful family law processes.  As a St. Louis, Missouri, family law firm, we pride ourselves on being both knowledgeable, and approachable, able to handle whatever you throw at us.

Every family matter is unique and needs a tailored approach.

Communication and honesty are both key to seamlessly navigating through the divorce and adoption processes. While we want to help you through your legal trouble, we also want you to comprehend every step along the way.

As a family lawyer at Bardol Law Firm, LLC, I realize that going through a divorce is an emotional time. The stress builds and the questions pile up. We want to be there to answer your questions, hopefully relieving that stress.

When you are about to add a member to your family, you want the adoption to be seamless in every way.

With a Bardol Law Firm, LLC, family lawyer at your side, we hope to make this possible.

With honesty and compassion, we will do our absolute best to tackle the many aspects of your family’s matter. We can help you obtain orders of protection when family members feel threatened.  We can negotiate complex property division when divorces involve businesses and extensive marital assets. We also help with prenuptial agreements, establishing paternity, and adopting a child, amongst other family law issues.

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