Name Change in Missouri

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Name Change in Missouri

There are a number of situations in which a client might be interested in changing his or her name. These can include family reasons, following a divorce, or for employment reasons. The name change process involves petitioning the court and formally requesting that your name be changed.

Clients also pursue a name change for their children for various reasons. Many times clients will petition the court to change their child’s last name following an adoption or a paternity case.

St. Louis Name Change Attorney

The process of changing your name or your child’s name can be difficult in certain situations. It can be helpful to hire an attorney with experience in name changes to help explain to the court why the change is necessary. If you desire to change your child’s name, it can be even more challenging to obtain the change, as both parents may need to be on the same page before it is granted.

Our firm can help you file for a name change for you or your child and explain to the judge why the change should be granted. Contact Bardol Law Firm, LLC today.