Renewal of Order of Protection

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Renewal of Order of Protection

An Order of Protection in Missouri must last longer than 180 days and less than one year.  However, many times, a year is not long to protect someone from a scary situation.  Either party to a Protective Order can motion the court for a renewal of the Order.  The court will then set a hearing and decide if a renewal is appropriate.

The party who requested the renewal does not have to provide new evidence of stalking or abuse, they need only believe that the danger still exists. Contact us to learn how we can help renew your order of protection and keep you and your family safe.

Keeping Your Legal Protection in Place

An Order of Protection can be renewed a maximum of two times, and the renewal can last as long as one year.  If you need to file a Motion for Renewal, contact protective order lawyer Stephen Bardol of Bardol Law Firm, LLC.

St. Louis Domestic Violence to Extend Your Safety

Our firm is understanding of the fact that many times your fear does not go away just because the deadline on your Court Order has expired.  Domestic violence situations can linger for years, so we work hard to make sure our clients are protected for years at a time if they desire extended legal protection.  It is important to display to the Court that a renewal is necessary to keep the client safe, and that is what we strive hard to accomplish.

Do you need an Order of Protection renewed?

Count on Renewal of Order of Protection attorney Stephen Bardol to extend your protective order. Contact Bardol Law Firm, LLC today.