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When you’re considering a divorce, or are in the process of one, it is crucial to have dependable, trustworthy, and compassionate people going through it with you. Besides your family, friends, and support system, you need a st. louis divorce lawyer you can trust to build a good client relationship.

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Child Custody

As a St. Louis child custody lawyer, I know that regardless of whether your situation is amicable or dispute-ridden, at the end of the day, you and your ex-spouse want the best for your child. It’s my goal to help you achieve that through a well-thought-out, customized custody agreement that suits your family’s situation.

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Child Support

Child support financially affects your life. It is important to really gain an understanding of the process as soon as you are aware it will become an issue in your life. Once you have a firm understanding of how support is negotiated and established, you can put yourself in the best position to achieve a fair child support amount.

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By having an adoption attorney there with you throughout the St. Louis adoption process, you have one more person on your side. As your advocate, your adoption attorney will be there to help your family to prevent complications and combat them if they occur.

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At Bardol Law Firm, LLC, we understand how creating a paternity connection can leave you to wonder if you are giving your child his or her best outcome. If you’re undertaking a paternity test or thinking about taking your case to court, be sure to have an experienced family lawyer by your side.

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Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a serious topic. At our firm, we have the privilege of helping victims and those wrongly accused of abuse through the Court system. While some may say business isn’t personal, the attorneys at our firm do take it personally because we are talking about your family and your safety.

Every Family Law Matter is Unique. You Need a Tailored Approach.

Communication and honesty are both keys to seamlessly navigating through the divorce and adoption processes in Missouri. While we want to help you through your legal trouble, we also want you to comprehend every step along the way.

As a family lawyer at Bardol Law Firm, LLC, I realize that going through a divorce is an emotional time. The stress builds and the questions pile up. We want to be there to answer your questions, hopefully relieving that stress.

With honesty and compassion, we will do our absolute best to tackle the many aspects of your family’s matter. We can help you obtain orders of protection when family members feel threatened.  We can negotiate complex property division when divorces involve businesses and extensive marital assets. We also help with prenuptial agreements, establishing paternity, and adopting a child, amongst other family law issues.

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Brett G.

Incredibly Compassionate & Dedicated

Steve is a great attorney and I am so thankful to have worked with him. Steve was incredibly focused on my best interests, but was also willing to listen to my concerns when they arose. He gives a new meaning to dedication, as he took time past business hours to listen to my case. I found he was always organized, responsive, professional and dedicated throughout my entire case. I would highly recommend Steve to anyone going through this life transition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will My Relationship With My Children Change During Divorce?

Yes and no. While all families go through an adjustment period during...

Yes and no. While all families go through an adjustment period during and after a divorce, the two parents have a substantial amount of control over the damage that is done to the children during a divorce. Some key things to remember are to avoid discussing the divorce in front of the children, to make sure and promote a healthy relationship between the children and your spouse, and to seek counseling for everyone involved if the situation is high conflict.

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What is the Young Child Plan?

A young child plan is a certain type of custody plan that...

A young child plan is a certain type of custody plan that is put in place by some Judges when the child at issue in a custody case is very young or has not spent meaningful time with one of the two parents, which in most cases is the father. It is also a rare example of a situation where a Judge is allowed to order a custody plan to change or be modified at some date in the future rather than coming back to Court.

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What is Collaborative Divorce?

Collaborative Divorce is an alternative to the traditional “courtroom and judge” divorce...

Collaborative Divorce is an alternative to the traditional “courtroom and judge” divorce process. Unlike the mediation process, where the couple typically sits down with a single mediator to discuss matters, spouses going through the collaborative process each hire a specially trained collaborative-divorce attorney. The attorneys are not always the only people helping the spouses sort out their affairs. Oftentimes, specialists like counselors, coaches and financial advisors will join in the process. As a group, the attorneys, spouses and specialists will work together, outside the watch of the court, and walk through the issues at hand.

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How Does the Adoption Process Work in St. Louis?

There are multiple types of adoptions and the process can vary between...

There are multiple types of adoptions and the process can vary between the different types. However, the basic St. Louis adoption court process always starts with a family wanting to adopt a specific child and then filing paperwork with the St. Louis County or St. Louis City Circuit Court. The initial paperwork includes a Petition for Adoption, as well as an Affidavit of Expenses for costs incurred to go through the adoption, and some other basic filing documents. The case is then processed and the Judge is assigned to the case. If the case involves a transfer of custody then the first hearing will be scheduled and a Guardian ad Litem will be appointed. If the case just needs a finalization hearing, then it is scheduled and a Guardian ad Litem is appointed. When the hearing day arrives, the parties appear in Court and testify briefly about the facts of the case. The Judge then makes a final decision on whether to grant or deny the adoption.

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What Is a Vocational Exam?

In family law matters where financial issues are in dispute, a party...

In family law matters where financial issues are in dispute, a party can request that the court order the opposing party to undergo a vocational exam. A vocational exam or vocational evaluation is when a party hires a vocational expert to determine the opposing party’s ability to work and income potential. While the court does not have to rely on the expert’s findings, it can be very beneficial in cases where a party has been out of work for an extended period of time or in situations where a party appears to be earning much less than their education and/or work experience would indicate.

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St. Louis Family Law Attorneys You Can Trust

At our Saint Louis family law firm, we always tell clients that their cases can be resolved in one of two ways. Either you settle the case, which means you come to an agreement with the opposing party on all contested issues, or you proceed to a trial and let the Judge decide the contested issues.

Most parties end up reaching a settlement, as trials are expensive and stressful and puts the decision-making in someone else’s hands. It is better for you to agree to the terms of your parenting plan or separation agreement, rather than let the Judge decide.

If you need legal advice on family law issues, reach out to a St. Louis family law attorney at our firm and we can discuss the legal process.

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