Domestic Violence

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Domestic Violence

As the sun sets on St. Louis, families everywhere are going through the paces of their evening rituals, whether it is picking up the kids from the St. Louis County athletic fields or grabbing takeout from The Shaved Duck. The stress of the workday and school day slowly subsides as parents and children take their respective seats at the dinner table.

For some, the stress is just beginning. When your house is tainted by the fervor of domestic violence, the stress unfortunately never ends.

Domestic violence comes in all shapes and sizes. It comes in the form of a slap on the wrist or an eardrum-shattering fight. With each abusive word or bruising of flesh, a family can be ripped apart at the seams.

How do you know if you are a victim of domestic violence? Is an estranged family member stalking you? Have you been sexually assaulted in your own home? Are you being terrorized, harassed, or coerced in any way?

You could be a victim of domestic violence in St. Louis, and you need help.

When you are the victim of domestic violence, it is almost too easy to shrink back and avoid fighting. How can one possibly escape the overwhelming turmoil that is happening in one’s own home? Is it possible that your home can become whole again?

If you are a victim of domestic violence, or you are witnessing it happen in your home in St. Louis, Missouri, you are probably feeling scared beyond belief. The first step to making that go away is discussing your struggle with a St. Louis family lawyer.

When feelings run deep, people often get hurt. One of the most serious moments in family law is when we must seek orders of protection because one family member commits or threatens an act of violence against other family members.

Responsive Orders of Protection Attorney in St. Louis, Missouri

Domestic violence is defined in Missouri as any effort to terrorize, attack, coerce, harass, assault sexually, stalk, abduct or detain another family or household member. You have options, which include filing for any of the following:

Protection orders or abuse orders used to be called restraining orders. They are like a legal stop sign forbidding the offending family member from further physical or emotional harassment. Violating an order of protection is an act of contempt against the court. It has proved an effective defense for many thousands of families. If the problem persists for a long period of time, you can file for:

If you are facing violent situations at home, contact our domestic violence law firm. We assist victims of domestic violence throughout the St. Louis area.

Providing Important Advice to Victims of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is one of the most gruesome aspects of family law. We recognize that family events are often more complicated than police reports allow them to be.

Our first obligation is to prevent further events, and to restore a sense of safety and calm to a troubled home.  Do not underestimate the danger that unrestrained rage can pose.

Stephen J. Bardol of Bardol Law Firm, LLC doesn’t underestimate the pain you are going through. With care, fervor, and ferocity, he will do his utmost best to seek justice and quake your everyday worries.

If you are a victim or target, contact Bardol Law Firm, LLC, begin your path towards a safer, healthier family life in St. Louis today. If you are the transgressor, you need to get help as well.