Ex Parte Order of Protection

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Ex Parte Order of Protection

When a domestic violence victim petitions the Court for an Order of Protection, the Court sets a hearing date to be held within 15 days. This allows the person the Order is filed against time to be served, and allows both parties time to hire attorneys if they so choose.

However, in violent situations, sometimes 15 days can be too long to wait for the Court to take action. In these cases, an Ex Parte Order of Protection is used.

An Ex Parte Order of Protection is a temporary order that provides protection during the waiting period between the filing of the petition and the actual hearing date.

A victim can request an Ex Parte Order when filing for a Full Order of Protection.

Temporary Relief for Victims

An Ex Parte Order temporarily stops the aggressor from stalking, abusing or harassing the victim. If you need urgent attention from the Court, contact St. Louis domestic violence lawyer Stephen Bardol to pursue a temporary Order on your behalf.

An Understanding Missouri Domestic Violence Lawyer

While the Court system can move slowly at times, abusive situations take priority and our firm can provide you a St. Louis domestic violence attorney to assist you in bringing your case to the Court’s attention. In extreme situations, we can even request that custody of your children change hands or that the abusive person be restricted from entering your home, both on a temporary basis until your hearing.

Do you need immediate protection?

Rely on Ex Parte Order of Protection attorney Stephen Bardol to provide immediate help for you.