Modification of Support or Custody in St. Louis

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Modification of Support or Custody in St. Louis

As time goes by, many St. Louis, Missouri divorced couples find that conditions have changed and their original decrees and agreements no longer make sense. Careers change, incomes fluctuate, and children grow and have different needs.

If you need a modification of your divorce decree, contact the Bardol Law Firm, LLC for guidance.

We Assist St. Louis Individuals with Support Changes and Custody Agreements

Many parents make informal modifications, such as agreeing to accept smaller child custody payments during a period of layoff. Often, this causes no problems. But just as often, misunderstandings occur, and one parent may find himself or herself in substantial arrears because of the “friendly arrangement.”

This is where formal modifications are important. Only the courts have the power to legally modify your agreement.

Modifications are possible for just about every order:

To successfully modify a post-divorce order, you must demonstrate that a significant change in circumstances has occurred, such as a job change, relocation to another area, an arrest of one of the parents or any allegation of abuse against the child.

Bardol Law Firm, LLC, can help you do this. Once we determine that the request is appropriate, we will work with you to fashion a workable, commonsense motion for modification.

As always, we look out for your interests, seeking to save you time, money and distress.