Full Order of Protection

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Full Order of Protection

A Full Order of Protection is full legal protection for up to 1 year that can be requested by the victim of abuse, stalking or harassment from a family member or someone who lives in the same household. If granted, the Full Order is generally forwarded to the police department in the city where the parties reside. Unlike other family court actions, which provide only civil relief, an Order of Protection violation carries with it criminal consequences that can be extremely serious depending on the nature of the violation.

Extended Relief for Victims

A Full Order of Protection puts rules in place to keep you safe and puts the abuser on notice that the Court system is watching him or her.

Putting Our Clients in Safe Situations

We do everything in our power to keep you as safe as possible from your scary situation. We are always available to discuss your problem and point you in the direction of the best help available to solve any legal and personal issues you may have. As experienced St. Louis domestic violence lawyers, we take pride in preparing our clients for the road ahead following an abusive situation.

Do you need lengthy protection from abuse?

Rely on St. Louis, Missouri Full Order of Protection attorney Stephen Bardol to give you advice.