Adult Order of Protection

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Adult Order of Protection

A petition for an Adult Order of Protection may be filed by anyone over the age of 17, or anyone under 17 who has been legally emancipated by the court. This type of protection applies to any adult who is being threatened, stalked, or abused. After the petition is filed, the court will set a hearing date and the filer must go and present their case to the Judge to have the Order of Protection granted.

Once the Order is granted, the person it was filed against will be restrained from harassing or harming the victim by any means.

Keeping Victims Safe from Abuse

In Missouri, a full Adult Order of Protection lasts for a period of time of no less than 6 months and no more than 1 year. After that time has run out, you can ask the court for a renewal of the Order.

Our Firm Fights Domestic Violence

We provide you with a compassionate St. Louis Order of Protection lawyer to handle your domestic violence issues. We take these situations very seriously and pursue the best legal protection possible for you moving forward. Our firm is efficient in bringing these cases before the Judge, presenting evidence and having an Order put in place as quickly as possible when appropriate.

Have you been threatened or physically harmed?

Rely on St. Louis Adult Order of Protection attorney Stephen Bardol to help keep you safe.