Grandparents’ Rights

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Grandparents’ Rights

Under certain circumstances, a grandparent can seek an order from the court granting visitation with their grandchildren. One such situation is when the parents of the grandchildren have filed for divorce. During a divorce proceeding, a grandparent can petition the court for visitation. They may also petition the court after a divorce has been granted to modify the original decree and gain visitation. While the parents of the child are in debate during a divorce, that doesn’t mean that the grandparents should get stuck and be unable to be with their grandchildren.

Compassionate St. Louis Grandparent’s Rights Attorney

Sometimes it requires legal action to preserve your rights as a grandparent. If your child has passed away and the living parent is denying you time with your grandchildren, then you may bring a case before the Court. If your grandchild has lived with you for more than 6 of the last 24 months, you have a right to pursue visitation in court.

Preserving Your Role in the Lives of Your Grandchildren

It is critical to hire an attorney to fight for more visitation time. Grandparent visitation cases can be challenging. A thorough case must be presented to the judge to prove that your request is in the best interest of your grandchildren.

Helping You Gain Access to Your Family

Our firm is experienced in grandparent visitation cases and we are eager to discuss your legal problems with you.

Are you being denied visitation with your grandchildren? Rely on St. Louis grandparent visitation lawyer Stephen Bardol to assist you in your fight for visitation.