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Family Access

When custody is in dispute between you and your ex, the best thing to do is pursue a Court-ordered custody plan. However, just because the Court puts a child custody plan in place, does not mean the opposing party is going to adhere to it. When the parenting plan is not being followed, you must then turn to the various enforcement mechanisms available through the Court system.

One of these options is a Motion for Family Access.

How Does a Family Access Motion Work?

Parents can file for family access by filling out the Motion themselves or consulting with a St. Louis family access lawyer. The Motion must state when Court-ordered custody was denied and what relief is being sought.

Aggressive St. Louis Family Access Lawyer to Assist You

Once the Motion is filed, the Court will set the Motion for a speedy hearing and your ex will be served with a summons. Both parties will then need to show up at the hearing to plead their case. If the Court decides that child custody has been denied, the judge can order a variety of relief options. These include compensatory time, fines, attorney’s fees, and counseling for the parent causing trouble.

Fighting for the Custody You Deserve

We can help you file for family access and explain to the judge how your situation has been unfair. It is critical to provide the Court with evidence that custody has been denied and relief needs to be ordered to serve the best interests of your children.

Have you been denied child custody?

Contact St. Louis family access attorney Stephen Bardol to regain custody of your children.