Modification of Order of Protection

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Modification of Order of Protection

An Order of Protection can provide a number of legal remedies from the Court.  These include the Court ordering a change in child custody, ordering maintenance or child support to be paid, and ordering house payments to be made.

However, if another Court Order addressing these same matters is issued after the Protective Order is put in place, then the later Order will take precedence.  For example, a divorce that becomes final after a Protective Order is in place will often times trump the Protective Order.

Alerting the Court of a Change in Circumstances

If there is a new Court Order or a major change in circumstances, someone with an Order of Protection needs to alert the Court to the change, so the Court can modify the Order.

Our Firm Works to Extend Your Safety

Often times Court Orders need to be tweaked during the course of their existence.  It can be extremely helpful to have an attorney motion the Court to make any necessary changes.  Our firm works diligently to fit Protective Orders to the needs of our clients, so that they can best use the legal protections available to them.

Does your Order of Protection need to be modified?

Rely on St. Louis Modification of Order of Protection attorney Steve Bardol to change your protective order.