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21495666_sAdoption may be the happiest of all legal processes. When a couple is unable to have their own biological child, many look to adopt. Adopting not only allows for the creation of a family, but it provides homes to many children who wouldn’t have them without it. When the adoption is complete, the rights and responsibilities of parenthood pass from the child’s biological parent or parents to a new parent or set of parents, along with the joys that come along with parenthood. And the child’s situation is transformed as it blends with the new family.

As a family lawyer, one of the greatest joys is to watch a family transform due to a successful adoption.

Common Kinds of St. Louis Adoption

There are a number of different avenues a client may take to adopt a child. These include:

The most common type we see at Bardol Law Firm, LLC, is stepparent adoption. This happens when a spouse decides to formally adopt a partner’s children from an earlier marriage or relationship. We also commonly see a single person or a couple who may or may not be related to the child adopt, through either an agency or independent placement. And in special circumstances, even grandparents are interested in pursuing adopting their grandchild.

Adoptions are very procedural and it is important that your attorney properly file all the initial pleadings with the Court, including:

  • Petition for Adoption
  • Affidavit for Expenses
  • Consent of Natural Parents
  • Consent of the Child (if over the age of 14)

There are other steps that must be taken care of as well to have your adoption approved by the Judge. These include:

  • Meeting with the Guardian ad Litem (GAL)
  • Home Study
  • Missouri State Highway Patrol Background Checks

And remember that if you do not currently have custody of the child, or have recently taken custody, it is critical to properly handle the following:

  • Transfer of Custody Hearing
  • ICPC Compliance (if interstate adoption)
  • Power of Attorney (for independent or private adoptions)

When a child is at stake, it is especially important to take every step in the process seriously.

In all these kinds of adoptions, there are legal requirements that must be met and forms that must be filled out properly. It is a big help to have a lawyer who has been through every kind of adoption and is familiar with the paperwork.

At Bardol Law Firm, LLC, we help with every kind of adoption, including those occurring entirely within Missouri, and those that occur across state lines. Bardol Law Firm, LLC, will help you to do it right, so you can welcome the new member to your family as soon as possible.

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