What to Know About Enforcing Child Support in St. Louis County

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What to Know About Enforcing Child Support in St. Louis County

child supportWe all know the adage, “First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby,” and so on. While this may be the timeline for some families, it is certainly not the succession for all. For some couples, after love, marriage, and children, divorce comes next in the progression.

Divorce marks the end of a marriage, but it also marks the beginning of a new lifestyle for everyone involved. Your finances shift and your daily routine changes drastically. For some, getting divorced is the beginning of a newfound single lifestyle; you’re living by yourself for the first time in years.

For others, though, divorce is the start of single parenthood. Thus begins child support payments, custody arrangements, and disputes over holidays and vacations. Single parenthood brings confusion, financial strain, and emotional stress. Many families in St. Louis County seamlessly transition into single parenthood. Unfortunately, though, not all families transition as smoothly into this next phase of life.

Custody arrangements are discussed and disputed when there are children involved in the divorce. Depending on the custody arrangement, child and other parental requirements are negotiated and decided.

Child support is a payment that a parent is required by law to make for their child’s care. The amount is determined based on income of both parents along with other family factors. Unfortunately, though, sometimes a parent shirks this responsibility and does not follow through with their St. Louis County child support payments.

When this happens, it is pertinent for the custodial parent to explore child support enforcement with the help of the law. Through the assistance of a family lawyer with experience in child support enforcement and other post-divorce matters, you will be able to find the compensation your child deserves. Your child needs to be fed, clothed, and taken care of properly, and by seeking child support enforcement, you are doing your very best to do that.

In St. Louis County, there are multiple options you can explore to enforce child support. These include a Motion to Modify, Motion for Contempt or a Motion to Determine Sums Due and Owing. All of these options will get you back in front of a Judge to bring attention to the lack of payment. If the non-paying falls behind on payments by a large amount, it is not uncommon for criminal charges to be brought by the St. Louis County Prosecutor as well.

As much as you do not want to start another fight with your counterpart, your child’s well being comes first, and you should do everything you can to provide for that. Contact a St. Louis County child support enforcement attorney today.

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