St. Louis Grandparent Adoption Lawyer

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St. Louis Grandparent Adoption Lawyer

Not every family is made up in the same way.  In some instances, parents are absent and other family members step in and take on the task of caring for a minor child.  Often times, if a parent is absent, it is the grandparents that pick up the slack and take on parental responsibilities.  If both parents are absent, and grandparents assume a parental role for an extended period of time, then they can petition the court for an adoption of their grandkids.

When a grandparent does take over the parental role, adopting the child would provide them with the legal rights that are generally given to the natural parents. Especially when the grandparent is already assuming this role, adoption can be advantageous.

Fighting for St. Louis Grandparents Who Deserve Parental Rights

As St. Louis adoption lawyers, we assist grandparents in making their case to the court.  Obtaining a successful adoption decree can stabilize the family unit for the child and the grandparent, while making administrative tasks (such as schooling and medical decisions) much easier on grandparents with their newly awarded legal rights.

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