Post-Divorce Estate Planning

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Post-Divorce Estate Planning

After a divorce, one of the things that most parties fail to do is update their estate plan. While parties spend quite a bit of time fighting over marital property during divorce proceedings, they spend considerably less time protecting the future of this property. Divorced clients very often desire to remove their former spouse from their will and as their power of attorney.

Skilled St. Louis Wills and Trusts Attorney

When the dust has settled from a divorce, it is extremely important that both parties seek out a knowledgeable estate planner to help protect their future. In St. Louis, divorce lawyer Stephen Bardol of Bardol Law Firm, LLC can assist with this process.

Following a divorce, clients generally have to adjust to making decisions by themselves. Hiring an attorney to prepare the proper estate planning documents adds a layer of protection for your future and ensures that your post-divorce assets will be safe.

Attention to Detail in the Documents that Protect your Future

We are meticulous in preparing all estate plans, whether that is a will, trust, financial power of attorney, or health care power of attorney. Do you need to amend your will following a divorce? Rely on St. Louis power of attorney lawyer Stephen Bardol to assist you in safeguarding the property that you were awarded in divorce.