Is Hiring a Divorce Lawyer Worth the Money?

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Is Hiring a Divorce Lawyer Worth the Money?

moneyCost? It’s the first question that every attorney gets asked when they receive a call from a potential client. Clients want to know if they can afford the attorney, if hiring the lawyer improve things, and if they could be doing this on their own without spending the money. These are all reasonable questions to be asking and depending on whom you ask, you will get a variety of answers.

text boxTo be blunt, without a divorce attorney, mistakes will likely be made. In many cases though, clients do not realize what they are leaving on the table. As they say, you don’t know what you don’t know.

We always give our clients a very realistic example of a very typical lawyer vs. non-lawyer case. In a case without a lawyer, parties typically agree to a child support number or fill out a Form 14 themselves to determine a number. When someone unfamiliar with the Form 14 fills it out, they generally will miss some of the nuances which drastically change the number.

Now on to the interesting part…if you hire an attorney and they properly fill a Form 14 that mistakes have been made on, they could easily change the support number by a few hundred dollars a month. Let’s do the math. If the child support amount changes by $200.00 a month for a child that is 1 year old, you could potentially save $2,400.00 a year. Over the life of the child until emancipation, that means you would save or earn an extra $48,000.00. Compare that to the $1,500.00 retainer your local St. Louis divorce lawyer is asking for to sign up.

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