Divorce in Webster Groves

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Divorce in Webster Groves

divorced womanLocated two miles west of the city (St. Louis), and ten miles from downtown, many families choose to settle down in Webster Groves. This St. Louis suburb is known for the plentiful green trees, historical homes, and moderate cost of living, explaining why 6,145 families have chosen to reside there (according to the latest census). According to the Webster-Kirkwood Times, Webster Groves, Missouri was even number nine on the 2008 list of the “Ten Best Towns for Families” in America in Family Circle Magazine.

Despite the many idyllic qualities of Webster Groves, nothing stops what 40-50 percent of families in the United States experience– divorce.

The word “divorce” holds a negative connotation for many, but in reality, this legal split of a married couple is sometimes what actually holds families together. Fights, disagreements, and quarrels lead many couples to find relief in the finality of legal separation or divorce. But while the stresses of an unhappy marriage dissipate, the angst of the divorce proceedings replaces them. As soon as you answer yes to the question of whether or not you and your spouse will divorce, a thousand of other questions rush in.

Can my spouse and I settle our divorce with the same lawyer? If we don’t have a prenuptial agreement, what assets am I entitled to? How can we make the divorce process amicable so that my children are not affected? If my spouse and I share custody, does either of us have to pay child support? If I’m on my spouse’s health insurance, do I need to change that? How do we change our estate plan to reflect our divorce? After divorce, can I move from Webster Groves if I have shared custody with my spouse?

Don’t be ashamed. Questions are natural as you approach this legal process. The most important question to answer, though, is who should I seek help from? If you ask anyone, they will most likely tell you that you should seek help from a Webster Groves divorce lawyer. A Webster Groves divorce lawyer will explain the divorce proceedings to you and how they apply to your unique family situation.

At Bardol Law Firm, LLC, I know that each and every family’s situation is not the same, and I will take that into account when answering your questions about your divorce. You know, you shouldn’t receive by-the-book answers to your specific questions. Your lawyer should take a personalized approach in order to properly help you and your family through this emotional time. And at Bardol Law Firm, LLC, I will do just that.

As your divorce lawyer, I’ll listen to what you want out of the divorce for both you and your family. We will then work together to come up with the best approach for your Webster Groves family. I believe that communication founded on listening and consideration is what fuels a healthy divorce process.

Contact Bardol Law Firm, LLC, today. Let’s start the divorce process so that you and your family can find your balance once more.

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