What to Expect in Your Initial Divorce Consultation

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What to Expect in Your Initial Divorce Consultation

Istock revisedYour initial divorce consultation can seem like an intimidating experience. In reality, you will find that this visit differs from visits with other professionals. For instance, you will not find yourself spending time in a waiting room with others, or filling out sheets without assistance. Your attorney realizes that confidentiality is key, and will usually make his or her office environment as quiet and private as possible during your visit.

Most people are very confused about what they should bring to an initial consultation with their divorce attorney. Usually, it is perfectly okay to not bring a single thing. Your attorney will mainly be discussing the divorce process with you, and other items may be left for later. However, if you would like to provide information up front in order to move the process along, here are some good things to bring with you:

1. Driver’s license – This is a simple way to provide the basic information your attorney will need from you to file the initial paperwork with the Court.

2. Marriage Certificate – This will help your attorney remember the date on which you were married, and where the marriage is registered. If you already know these two things, you will not need to bring this.

3. Bank statements and tax returns -This will come in handy when your attorney works to divide your marital assets, or configure child support or alimony.

4. Birth Certificates – If you have children, your attorney will need these in order to proceed with a parenting plan.

5. Evidence of Infidelity – If you have found any emails, letters, text messages, or video proving your spouses infidelity, be sure to bring them to your attorney to support allegations made.

Initial consultations are always welcome and kept confidential by divorce attorneys. Contact your St. Louis Divorce Attorney to set up your initial consultation.

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