Where is the St. Louis County Family Court?

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Where is the St. Louis County Family Court?

The family court in St. Louis County is located in two different places. Currently, family court is broken up into 2 divisions: the juvenile court and the general family court. The majority of normal cases, such as divorces, paternity cases, and domestic violence cases, will be in the general family court. The general St. Louis County family court is located on the second and third floors of the St. Louis County Circuit Court at 7900 Carondelet Avenue, St. Louis, Missouri 63105.

For juvenile matters and adoptions, you need to head to the family court center located at 501 South Brentwood Blvd, St. Louis, Missouri 63105. Following construction on the new family court complex, both divisions will be combined and found in the same, new building.

If you have been served with papers or do not know where you are going, there are help desks in both buildings. If your case has been assigned to a particular division, then you should look up what floor that division is on within the Courthouse.