Social Media: How is it Affecting Your Divorce?

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Social Media: How is it Affecting Your Divorce?

iStock_000010122252XSmallHow Social Media is Affecting Your Divorce

These days, it is very common for married couples to have joint or separate Facebook, Twitter, and email accounts. While all of these social outlets may be great and effective tools for communication, they can cause numerous issues during a divorce. In order to make the divorce less complicated, and to place less stress on your children, it is best to avoid any social media fights at all costs. Here are a few pointers on how to handle your social accounts during and after a divorce.

Separate all joint social media accounts- try to deactivate any accounts on Facebook or Twitter that you and your spouse may share. If you share a crucial e-mail address, agree to forward all important e-mails to new, separate accounts or existing separate accounts.
Change you passwords – If your spouse knows any of your passwords, it would be wise to change them. Likewise, if you know any of your spouse’s passwords, you should advise him or her to change the passwords. This will prevent the urge to snoop, and will keep your own private information safe.

Make your social accounts private – Social media pages can be admitted as evidence in divorce proceedings. Make sure your account is set to the most stringent privacy settings, and, if you and your spouse are not on good terms, unfriending them for a while can help. By doing this, you will be less enticed to catch up with their daily life. In addition, never post negative comments about your spouse, or anything that was discussed between you and your attorney.

Keep any contact cordial – Do not use social media as a forum to argue with your spouse, air “dirty laundry” or badmouth aspects of your marriage. The social media audience is broad, and the comments may be seen by friends, family, children, or perhaps a judge.

How to Manage your Social Media

A St. Louis Divorce Attorney who understands social media on a professional level can help you navigate the murky waters of social networking and your separation. If you are unsure as to whether something is social media appropriate or not, call an attorney today.

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