What is Sole Legal Custody?

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What is Sole Legal Custody?

As was mentioned when discussing joint legal custody, legal custody is the term used to describe decision making regarding your children. If the Court grants sole legal custody it means that the Court found it is in the best interests of the children that either the mother or the father will make major decisions regarding the children by themselves.

Does This Mean The Other Parent Has No Input?

Yes and no. Many parents misinterpret sole legal custody to mean that they can make decisions without even consulting the other parent. Even if you are granted sole legal custody, you still must keep the other parent in the loop and confer with them on major decisions. However, in the end, the parent with sole legal custody gets the final say on the major decision.

How Sole Legal Custody Work?

Think long and hard before agreeing to sole legal custody. The parent who is granted sole legal can basically ruin the other parent’s finances if the parties must split certain financial obligations regarding the kids and they get to pick those obligations. For example, if the parties must split all extracurricular costs and the parent with sole legal signs your son up for a traveling hockey team, then you are likely looking at an expensive bill you did not personally agree to.

How Do I Change Legal Custody?

As with anything else in your original parenting plan, you must file a Motion to Modify to change legal custody. It is very possible if you put in the work beforehand. And by putting in the work, it means showing a consistent pattern of positive communication with the other parent. Communicate often, in writing, and in a pleasant nature and you will have a solid case for joint legal custody.