Can I Fight the Order of Protection Against Me?

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Can I Fight the Order of Protection Against Me?

An Order of Protection is a very serious matter and can have major consequences on your life if one is entered against you. In particular, an Order of Protection can affect employment for years to come, as it will be on your public record. Some employers may shy away from hiring a worker with domestic violence as part of his or her public record. This begs the question….how do I fight an Order of Protection.

The first step would be to actually show up for the hearing for your Order of Protection if you are served with one. Hiring a lawyer is typically helpful as well. You should also show up prepared, bring any evidence you have to contradict the allegations, and subpoena any witnesses that may help. All of this being said, an Order may still be entered against you. What do you do at that point?

If an Order has already been entered against you then there are two main options to fight it and you will need to move quickly for either option. The first would be to file a Motion to Set Aside, which can be filed if there was a flaw in the Court process when the Order was entered. The other option would be to file an Appeal of the Order of Protection. Either option can be costly, but not nearly as costly as losing employment opportunities for years to come.