Four Questions to Ask at Divorce Consultations

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Four Questions to Ask at Divorce Consultations

iStock_000022988541XSmallYour divorce consultation is important. It is the first step to starting the court process. Asking the proper questions can help reduce your stress while gauging the competence of your potential St. Louis divorce attorney. In particular, there are some key questions that may just give you a better idea of the road ahead and the lawyer who may be traveling that road with you.

1. What Percentage of Your Practice is Divorce?

While a general practitioner can typically get you through a divorce, they may miss the small details that a divorce attorney is familiar with. Law is complex and family law is constantly evolving. A jack of all trades is a master of none.

2. What Are the Judges in My Jurisdiction Like?

Asking this question not only lets you know how your case will be received by the local judges, but also how familiar your attorney is with them. An attorney that knows the Judges will also know when to change the Judge, when to keep the Judge, and how to advocate to the Judge.

3. Will You Be the Attorney Working on My Case?

Many clients are surprised to find out that the attorney that retained them will be passing the case of to an attorney that does not retain clients well or to a younger attorney at the firm. Make sure that you are meeting and are comfortable with the person who will actually be trying your case.

4. Any Divorce Question you Need the Answer To?

At the core of every good attorney-client relationship is trust and communication. Divorce can be a long process, so ask the tough questions up front and find out how well you can talk through things with a particular attorney.

While there is no one question that makes for a great consultation, having some ready to ask can get the conversation flowing and may just put your mind at ease.

To learn more about getting a divorce, schedule a consultation with a St. Louis divorce lawyer today.

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