Professional Athletes Not Earning Gold Medals for Marriage

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Professional Athletes Not Earning Gold Medals for Marriage

lakersKobe Bryant can shoot a three pointer like nobody’s business. Tiger Woods can quiet the whole green with a soft putt of the ball. Michael Jordan’s earth-shattering slam-dunks are legendary, to say the least. But besides their outlandish athletic talent, what do all of these extraordinarily talented household names have in common?

They got divorced.

Forbes highlighted this common trend in a recent article, claiming that while domestic violence issues amongst professional athletes are currently gaining hype and infamy in the media, they do not actually comprise the most common marital pattern. Divorce is actually the most common issue at home for these athletes.

While the divorce rate of all Americans hovers around 50 percent, the divorce rate amongst all of the pro athletes usually hits between 60 and 80 percent.

These divorces aren’t just common, but they are quite costly. For example, according to the Forbes article, Kobe Bryant’s divorce was jaw dropping in its costliness due to the lack of pre-nuptial agreement. Bryant handed over half of his net worth to his ex-wife, totaling up a whopping $175 million.

These athletes have the talent, the training, and the clout when it comes to their sport. What do they lack when it comes to the game of marriage? Can the fame and fortune that comes along with elite athleticism not also accompany matrimony?

While we are not all comprised of 100 percent muscle and have a jersey housed in the Hall of Fame, we all know what is like to experience strains on our marriage. Whether it be the daily trials and tribulations combining two lives into one, or the complications that accompany having children, marriage is not always a slam-dunk.

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