Temporary Restraining Order

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Temporary Restraining Order

While the typical family law matter can take months or even years to conclude, there are a number of situations that need immediate attention from the court. This can include physical and emotional abuse, the denying of parental rights, as well as financial misconduct by the opposing party.

For temporary restraining order help now, contact the Bardol Law Firm, LLC today.

St. Louis Restraining Orders Attorney

Clients can file for a temporary restraining order in these urgent situations and ask the court to grant immediate, temporary relief. A restraining order is flexible in the sense that it can be applied to many situations.

For example, an ex-spouse could be recklessly emptying all your joint bank accounts. A temporary restraining order is often sought to keep finances intact during a divorce. If you need a restraining order, turn to St. Louis lawyer Stephen Bardol.

A temporary restraining order can be a crucial step in protecting your financial or physical well-being. Our firm specializes in providing our clients with all available legal safeguards.

Keeping Clients Physically, Emotionally, and Financially Safe

We can help you file for a temporary restraining order and make a compelling case to the judge for the order to be granted. If you need immediate relief in a family law matter, contact St. Louis temporary restraining order attorney Stephen Bardol to help improve your situation.