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St. Louis Stepparent Adoption Lawyer

When a parent remarries, some children fear that they will not have a solid relationship with their stepparent. It is very common, though, that this stepparent becomes an integral part of the child’s life– sometimes more so than a biological parent. When a biological parent has been absent in the child’s life or has passed away, it is quite common that this stepparent requests to adopt the child as their own.

Therefore, one of the most common types of adoption in St. Louis, Missouri is a stepparent adoption. This is when a stepparent petitions the court to adopt their stepchild, becoming the parent of the child in the court’s eyes. When a stepparent adopts a child, the child and stepparent both gain all of the legal rights afforded to blood relatives, including custody rights and inheritance rights.

Stepparent adoptions can be a very complex process or it can go smoothly. Regardless, putting an experienced adoption lawyer in your corner will help you plan for the unexpected roadblocks. Contact our law firm for knowledgeable guidance for how to go about this adoption process.

Caring St. Louis, Missouri Adoption Attorney

In order to pursue a stepparent adoption, the birth parent must consent to the adoption or they need to have been absent from the child’s life for an extended period of time. This type of adoption can be contested by the birth parent, so it can be critical to involve a lawyer to make sure you are prepared.

Assisting Clients in Completing Their Family

We help clients meet the requirements for a stepparent adoption and smoothly transition from stepparent to parent. The process can be extremely rewarding for both the stepparent and child.

Contact Bardol Law Firm, LLC to start the stepparent adoption process today.