Divorce for Older Clients

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Divorce for Older Clients

Facing divorce is challenging for all clients, but can be especially daunting for older clients. Many times older clients are less prepared to deal with a divorce and the various issues that come with it.

These issues include finding suitable health insurance, splitting up assets that are unique to older clients (such as pensions and IRAs), and fighting for maintenance that will sustain their lifestyle after the case has ended. Reach out to a skilled lawyer for guidance with your situation in the St. Louis area.

Compassionate St. Louis 60+ Divorce Attorney

Matters that effect older divorce clients can be very complex and it is critical that you hire an attorney that has dealt with similar issues. An inexperienced lawyer may not have knowledge of the details of divorce for your age group, such as Social Security and Medicare.

It is even more critical for older clients to secure a good outcome in court, as health problems may prevent them from supporting themselves in the near future. Hiring a dependable attorney to fight for the best divorce settlement possible is an excellent way to protect your future.

Experienced Attorney With Divorce Clients Over the Age of 60

Our firm provides you with a thorough St. Louis divorce attorney to make an unexpected situation a bit easier for you. Contact Bardol Law Firm, LLC.