St. Louis Interstate Adoption Lawyer

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St. Louis Interstate Adoption Lawyer

Family law, including adoption, is generally guided by state law and the statutes that each state has put in place.  This can make interstate processes, such as adopting a child, a bit more complex than usual.  For interstate adoptions, prospective parents must meet the regulations of their home state as well as the regulations in place in the state they are adopting from.

To adopt a child from another state, clients must comply with the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (ICPC) and receive approval from the state ICPC office.

Advising Clients who are Expanding Their Family in St. Louis

We assist clients in keeping multiple states and agencies on the same page through the adoption process and reaching the end goal of adopting a child.  Many parents find that the best adoption opportunity for their family exists in another state and a knowledgeable lawyer can keep things running smoothly.

Our ultimate goal is that your adoption runs seamlessly and you can successfully add a new member to your family, regardless of the situation. Contact Bardol Law Firm, LLC with any adoption questions you may have.