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Under Missouri law, a parent’s child support obligation ends when his or her child reaches age 18, marries, or enters active duty in the military. If the child enrolls in college, child support is extended to the age of 21, or until the child completes his or her secondary education, whichever comes first. However, the child must meet strict requirements for child support to continue during college, including sending transcripts to the paying parent each semester and taking twelve credit hours each semester with passing grades in more than half the credit hours.

Knowledgeable St. Louis Emancipation Attorney

It is important to retain a skilled attorney in this area who can answer your questions regarding child support obligations for children in college.

Termination of Child Support in Missouri

Parents paying support must file an affidavit for termination of their support obligation if their child stops attending college or has not met the Missouri requirements for college attendance. Upon filing, the parent receiving support has a right to a hearing to show that the college attendance requirements are being met by the child.

Details are Important When Requesting or Fighting Emancipation

The requirements for emancipation can be challenging to navigate. Our firm is experienced in presenting emancipation cases to the court in an effort to terminate or sustain child support payments.

Are you paying or receiving support for a child in college? Contact emancipation lawyer Stephen Bardol to help present your case to the judge.