Business Owners in a Divorce

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Business Owners in a Divorce

When a couple gets married, it is quite common that they venture into business with one another. Just because they have tied the knot as marriage partners and business partners though doesn’t make the possibility of divorce null and void. When a couple splits up, so does the property. What happens, though, when that property is the business they own together?

This would be considered a complex divorce, these often characterized by one or more family businesses or professional partnerships. These not only involve a couple’s relationship and personal property, but also their livelihoods. Establishing the cash value of a functioning business is never an easy task. Sometimes the business qualifies as 100 percent marital property and sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes it’s complex — part marital and part non-marital.

The value isn’t in the furniture and computers, but in the ability of the business to generate revenue. If you want to learn more about business valuations and how to protect your assets in divorce, contact us today.

Skillful St. Louis Business Asset Attorney

At Bardol Law Firm, LLC, we have solid experience in identifying the underlying value of businesses as part of the property division process. Our firm represents both sides in divorces and in related business valuation efforts. When appropriate we call in outside experts to assist us in placing a dollar value on the businesses. Our primary goal at all times is protecting the client’s stated interests.

When confronting the potentially traumatic and painful experience, having a smart, experienced advocate who can advocate for your interests is paramount to the successful resolution of your case and preservation of your rights. The experience, resourcefulness and diligence of your lawyer becomes even more critical in these cases where one or both spouses have business ownership interests.

Our Top Priority Is Protecting Your Interests

Congruent with our high net worth and complex divorce work, we counsel clients on asset protection and locating hidden assets. Many clients think they are on solid ground with their efforts to move money around, and create serious legal problems.

Hire a Seasoned St. Louis Divorce Attorney

If you have any questions about how to divide up property or a business during a divorce, be sure to contact St. Louis divorce lawyer Stephen Bardol at Bardol Law Firm, LLC.