Property Division

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Property Division

Missouri is an “equitable property” state, which means that property and debts here are not simply divided into two equal parts, but that a couple’s assets are distributed according to a set of questions:

  • What are the financial circumstances of both spouses?
  • What did each spouse contribute to the marital property?
  • What is the value of non-marital property held separately by the two spouses?
  • How has each spouse behaved during the marriage?

Do you have questions regarding property division in Missouri?

St. Louis Property Division

This is a more complex way to divide property than splitting assets and debts down the middle, and for this reason you need a lawyer who is skilled in the art and science of property division.

In and around St. Louis, that means calling a St. Louis family lawyer.

At the Bardol Law Firm, LLC, we represent both husbands and wives in the division of marital property. We do property division within the framework of traditional divorces, military divorces and even alternative collaborative divorces.

We are skilled at assessing the value of real estate, personal property, pensions, military benefits, businesses and partnerships and every kind of financial account, from savings to stocks and bonds. We don’t always do property division alone. In complex cases we call in real estate appraisers, financial planners, accountants and others to guide us.

Adept at the Practice of Marital Property Division

We are also skilled at locating assets that may be hidden or relocated, and including them in a property division. Contact our firm today with your St. Louis property division attorneys today.