Contempt of Court

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Contempt of Court

Many times, following the conclusion of a family law case, there are loose ends that need to be tied up. The terms of a judgment may be clear to both parties, but that does not guarantee that both parties will live up to these terms. If one party does not follow the rules laid out in a judgment then they are in Contempt of Court and it is time to turn to a St. Louis contempt lawyer.

When one party is not holding up their end of the bargain in regards to the judgment, it is time to go back to court and ask the judge to make them do so. You should not back down when your opposing party is in Contempt of Court. It is important for you to find a St. Louis lawyer to help you find resolve.

Whether your former spouse has stopped paying child support or your ex refuses to return your personal property following a divorce, it is critical that you bring your problem to the court’s attention as soon as possible. Contempt of Court is not something to be taken lightly by you or your attorney.

Tenacious St. Louis, Missouri Lawyer to Enforce an Order

We are relentless in pursuing your rights in court and leveling the playing field when the other party wants to play by different rules. An experienced St. Louis contempt lawyer can present the appropriate evidence for the court to find that a judgment has not been followed and enforcement is needed. Contact Bardol Law Firm, LLC today.