Are Millennials Changing the Marriage Game?

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Are Millennials Changing the Marriage Game?

young coupleDo you remember a time when you scrolled through your social media newsfeeds without seeing a wedding announcement, engagement photos, or a beach wedding scene? I certainly don’t. As you get older, these events increase amongst your peers. According to a recent CNN article, the millennial generation may not be seeing as many of these announcements as the previous generations.  According to an article in CNN Money, young adults are en route to having the lowest marriage rates by age 40 in comparison to all previous generations. If nothing changes, this means that over 30 percent of these millennial women will remain unmarried by the age of 40. If this trend checks out, this statistic will have doubled in comparison to the previous generation.

What has changed? According to the post by CNN, the weight of marriage has been decreasing over the years. Couples are cohabitating more and more. Unmarried couples are starting families without signing the dotted line on the marriage license. Marriage was previously thought to be the point when a person’s life really took off. You got married and then your life truly began.

Now, a person wants to start their life, and then tie that knot. Financial stability and college degrees have become necessities on some millennial’s pre-marriage checklist. As an experienced family lawyer, I wonder how these rate predictions and current trends will affect the trends of other family matters, like adoption and divorce.

With these millennials waiting to get married, will there be more single parent adoptions? If adults are getting married at older ages will there be more or less divorces?  If these adults wait longer, will there be less shared assets? Will there be more or less pre-nuptial agreements? We will have to wait and see. If you have any questions about family law matters like adoption and prenuptial agreements be sure to contact Bardol Law Firm, LLC.

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