I’m Getting Divorced. But Can I Keep my Ring?

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I’m Getting Divorced. But Can I Keep my Ring?

 ringAs you dot the I’s and cross the T’s on your divorce papers, you catch yourself looking longingly in the direction of your engagement ring. You remember every second of the moment you were given this statement piece. He got down on one knee as you thought to yourself, “This is the happiest day of my life.” 

While you hoped for the best when you said, “I do,” not even you could predict the turnout. Divorce is undoubtedly emotional and stressful. As you make the final arrangements with your future ex-husband, a question frequently passes through your head:

Can I keep the ring?

Some might ask you why you even want to keep it. But, the truth is, you’ve grown to love and cherish that ring as more than just an engagement ring. That ring was on the hand held by your two-year old as he took his first shaky steps. You rubbed that ring as you waited in the hospital lobby during your dad’s heart surgery. That ring has been a constant companion through this pivotal time in your life.

As an experienced divorce lawyer, I get this question quite often. Lucky for you, in Missouri, marital property is anything that has been acquired during the marriage. This is anything from the rug to the minivan.  All of this is up for grabs in a divorce. Most judges and courts divide up this property fifty-fifty, and then evaluate based on misconduct or financial situations.

Not up for grabs, though, are gifts. Anything that is given to a person, whether it is a pair of shoes or a car, is considered a gift.

You were given that ring on your left hand. In Missouri, the engagement ring is considered a gift. This means that you have a right to keep the ring, regardless of its origin.

If you have any more questions about property division and what to expect during the Missouri divorce process, be sure to contact the experienced divorce lawyers at Bardol Law, LLC.

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