Domestic Relations Services

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Domestic Relations Services

For domestic relations cases, St. Louis County provides a number of resources to assist parties through the family court process. The Domestic Relations Services Unit provides a number of helpful options, ranging from assistance for people who are struggling financially with their divorce, to providing clients and attorneys with case assistance.

This can include helping clients who while they can afford an attorney, can’t come up with the money for every step of litigating a case. Learn more about your options by contacting our St. Louis attorney today.

Resourceful St. Louis Divorce Attorney

Finding an attorney who is aware of the resources available can help clients save money, while still creating the best case possible. This is when you turn to custody lawyer Stephen Bardol of Bardol Law Firm, LLC.

We try to involve all programs that the Court deems helpful to improve our clients’ cases. The Domestic Relations Services Unit can provide custody evaluations, psychological evaluations, and family therapy in certain situations.

Do you think Domestic Relations Services could help your case?

Contact Missouri family lawyer Stephen Bardol to explain your options.