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Four Questions to Ask at Divorce Consultations

iStock_000022988541XSmallYour divorce consultation is important. It is the first step to starting the court process. Asking the proper questions can help reduce your stress while gauging the competence of your potential St. Louis divorce attorney. In particular, there are some key questions that may just give you a better idea of the road ahead and the lawyer who may be traveling that road with you.

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Social Media: How is it Affecting Your Divorce?

iStock_000010122252XSmallHow Social Media is Affecting Your Divorce

These days, it is very common for married couples to have joint or separate Facebook, Twitter, and email accounts. While all of these social outlets may be great and effective tools for communication, they can cause numerous issues during a divorce. In order to make the divorce less complicated, and to place less stress on your children, it is best to avoid any social media fights at all costs. Here are a few pointers on how to handle your social accounts during and after a divorce.

Separate all joint social media accounts- try to deactivate any accounts on Facebook or Twitter that you and your spouse may share. If you share a crucial e-mail address, agree to forward all important e-mails to new, separate accounts or existing separate accounts. [Read more…]

Child Custody: Who Decides?

iStock_000020005309XSmallDeciding Child Custody

Deciding child custody can be a long battle in some St. Louis divorce proceedings. Many parents have concerns that, especially in families with older children, the child may get to decide where he or she would like to live. The thought of having your child choose your spouse over you can be terrifying and heartbreaking.

In the state of Missouri, unless your child is over 18, he or she does not get to make the official decision of who will have custody over them. The decision will be made by you and your spouse, or by a judge. In the case of teenage children, however, the judge will usually take the child’s testimony into consideration when making the decision on legal and physical custody. [Read more…]

Child Support in Missouri Explained

iStock_000021832919XSmallChild support in Missouri can be a complex and frustrating process for parents (as well as many attorneys). The current system has a number of quirks and a number of flaws, which makes it a tricky transition for parents who are just starting out in the world of single parenthood.

How is Child Support Put in Place?

In Missouri, there are two methods by which child support is put in place. Support can either be established administratively through the State or it can be established through the Court system. Either of these routes can be effective. However, a Court Order will take precedence over an Administrative Order, and some parents choose to start in the Court system for that reason.

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Divorce: A General Timeline

clockA General Divorce Timeline

While each divorce presents its own unique issues and challenges, it is important for you and your spouse to familiarize yourselves with the general process. Familiarizing with the basic steps in divorce can help to make the transition smooth and free of surprise. [Read more…]

Co-Parenting During a Divorce

boy and handsCo-parenting during a divorce can be a difficult task. While it may be hard to maintain an ongoing partnership with your ex, co-parenting is the best way to ensure your children are receiving the best care possible. The following are some tips to help make the transition from Husband and Wife to Mom and Dad as smooth as possible. [Read more…]

The Perks of an Uncontested Divorce

What are the Perks of an Uncontested Divorce?
young couple

The perks of an uncontested divorce are exponential. If you and your spouse are looking for a way to simplify the divorce process, an uncontested divorce may be the best option. An uncontested divorce is when the husband and wife are in agreeance with all the terms of the divorce before the case is filed. Today, an overwhelming majority of divorces are filed this way. In this situation, there is no need to overpay for litigation or court costs because the case never goes to trial. This process also prevents the emotional distress of experiencing a long and drawn-out court battle. In most cases, only one attorney will be involved. It is important to note that this attorney can only represent one party, while the other party will appear “pro se”, or unrepresented. [Read more…]

Property Division: Marital v. Separate Property

iStock_000009402897XSmallProperty Division: What is the Difference?

When it comes to property division, The state of Missouri is an equitable distribution state. While most people think this means their property will be split exactly 50/50 during a divorce, equitable distribution can be best defined as “what the court considers fair”.

When it comes to equitable distribution, the court considers numerous factors, including: [Read more…]

Social Security and Divorce

Senior Husband and WifeSocial Security and Divorce: Benefits You Are Missing

Did you know that it is possible to claim Social Security Spousal and Surviror Benefits from your ex? This little known yet extremely valuable information could make a big difference in one’s financial situation during retirement. If you and your former spouse meet a certain set of criteria, you may be eligible to claim half of your ex’s social security benefits if they are living, and their full benefits if they are deceased. Criteria Include:

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