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Are Couples Growing Older or Growing Apart?

old couple While at the alter saying those fateful vows, visions of growing old together float through your head. As you utter each promise, you imagine you and your partner sitting on the porch in rocking chairs watching the time fly by, moving together in perfect sync.

For many couples, growing old, in reality, means growing apart. As the anniversaries rack up, so do these couples’ differences, and suddenly you are no longer the same people you were forty years ago on your wedding day. Out of respect for the longevity, many take measures like marriage counseling to try to repair what is broken.  [Read more…]

How do we Make Joint Custody Work for our Family?

babyAfter the custody agreement is settled, you and your ex-spouse decide that for your children’s sake, joint custody is the best option for you. Allowing both of you to remain in their lives on a daily basis is important to all. But you’ve heard the sad tales of divorced families headed toward troubles, sparked by disorganization and plagued by miscommunication. [Read more…]

Head to a St. Louis Cardinals Game

Therest. louis cardinals aren’t many things I enjoy more than dusting off my baseball cap, finding my old glove, and heading down to the infamous Busch Stadium for a St. Louis Cardinals game.  While watching the game on television after a long day is quite satisfying, there is nothing like sitting under those bright lights and hearing the umpire yell, “Play ball!” [Read more…]

Back to School Tips–Divorce and Parenting

back to schoolWhen summer ends, it signifies the commencement of the new school year. When a marriage ends, it means the beginning of the ongoing battle known as child custody arrangements.

While the Family Court of St. Louis City mandates that all parents going through a divorce attend a Parent Education Class, these classes don’t teach you everything. When you are helping your child cope with the new changes in their life, there are some hardships for which you truly can’t prepare them.

According to a recent blog post from the Huffington Post, one of the most confusing and difficult times in a divorce-affected family’s life is the beginning of the school year. This time of year brings a new schedule chock full of pick-ups and drop-offs for extracurricular activities, along with a myriad of parent-teacher meetings. Whether your child custody arrangement settlement went smoothly or was rocky, this time of year will be trying for all parties involved. [Read more…]

I’m Getting Divorced. But Can I Keep my Ring?

 ringAs you dot the I’s and cross the T’s on your divorce papers, you catch yourself looking longingly in the direction of your engagement ring. You remember every second of the moment you were given this statement piece. He got down on one knee as you thought to yourself, “This is the happiest day of my life.”  [Read more…]

Are Millennials Changing the Marriage Game?

young coupleDo you remember a time when you scrolled through your social media newsfeeds without seeing a wedding announcement, engagement photos, or a beach wedding scene? I certainly don’t. As you get older, these events increase amongst your peers. According to a recent CNN article, the millennial generation may not be seeing as many of these announcements as the previous generations.  [Read more…]

What to Expect in Your Initial Divorce Consultation

Istock revisedYour initial divorce consultation can seem like an intimidating experience. In reality, you will find that this visit differs from visits with other professionals. For instance, you will not find yourself spending time in a waiting room with others, or filling out sheets without assistance. Your attorney realizes that confidentiality is key, and will usually make his or her office environment as quiet and private as possible during your visit.

Most people are very confused about what they should bring to an initial consultation with their divorce attorney. Usually, it is perfectly okay to not bring a single thing. Your attorney will mainly be discussing the divorce process with you, and other items may be left for later. However, if you would like to provide information up front in order to move the process along, here are some good things to bring with you: [Read more…]

Guardian Ad Litems


What is a Guardian Ad Litem?

A Guardian ad Litem or GAL is an attorney who is appointed by the judge to look after the best interests of your child. In Missouri, Guardians complete a special set of classes and legal training in order to adequately represent your child’s needs. While a Guardian ad Litem is not appointed in every child custody case, they can be appointed if allegations of abuse or neglect are made, or if the judge deems a GAL’s presence to be necessary for other purposes. A Guardian can also be appointed at the request of one of the parties. [Read more…]

Divorce and Children: How to Break the News

Afraid girlBreaking the news about your divorce to your children is one of the most stressful parts of the divorce process. Many parents spend weeks contemplating ideas on how to tell their children that their mom and dad are splitting up. Here are some tips on how to tell your child about the situation. [Read more…]

Can Spouses Share a Divorce Attorney?

kids eating ice creamMany people would like their divorce to be as quick, painless, and amicable as possible. To most, it would only seem logical to hire a single attorney to divide the assets and then call it a day. However, the divorce process follows a different path. A single attorney may not represent both the husband and the wife in court proceedings for many reasons. [Read more…]