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Social Security and Divorce

Senior Husband and WifeSocial Security and Divorce: Benefits You Are Missing

Did you know that it is possible to claim Social Security Spousal and Surviror Benefits from your ex? This little known yet extremely valuable information could make a big difference in one’s financial situation during retirement. If you and your former spouse meet a certain set of criteria, you may be eligible to claim half of your ex’s social security benefits if they are living, and their full benefits if they are deceased. Criteria Include:

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St. Louis Post-Dispatch | How to bargain a speeding ticket away

Our own Stephen Bardol was recently featured in an article in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, How to bargain a speeding ticket away around St. Louis. In the article he provides some helpful information in regards to how a driver can work with an attorney to receive a potentially more favorable outcome after a moving violation.